Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lake Scene from The Inheritance

I came across this picture through a friend's post on Facebook. It looks much like the first lake Jejune visits when he enters the Valley of Shadow, in The Inheritance. For those who have read the book, what do you think? For those who haven't, here's a tiny excerpt.

Excerpt from The Inheritance by Donna Sundblad
The narrow trail wound along the wall of the valley toward the first plateau. It didn't take long to reach the deep azure waters of the lake. Tiny ripples gently lapped the gray pebbled shoreline. Wigglewot fluttered to the stony beach and stretched while Jejune walked to the edge of the lake and sniffed a handful of water. "It smells okay," he called over his shoulder. Wig waddled to the brink of the lake.

Jejune cupped water in his hand and took a sip. "Mmmmm, that's what I needed." He plunged the empty flask beneath the surface, and the soft pop of bubbles mingled with the peaceful sounds of nature. Late afternoon sun peeked from behind sooty low hanging clouds as he stuffed the cork into the flask. "Wig, you gather tinder, and I'll find the kindling." He glanced at the clouds overhead. "We need to build a fire."

This location plays an important role in the story. It is here that Jejune finds a treasure chest and what it holds..... Sorry, I can't say too much without spoiling the reading experience for others.

The Inheritance is available in print or for Kindle. It will be a great Christmas gift, hint, hint...wink, wink! Enjoy! To read what others have to say, visit my website and read the book reviews.

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